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Accountingpro is a leading small business accountant in Nigeria supporting the growth of small businesses by providing them with credible numbers for profitable business decisions at an irresistible cost. For any economy to prosper, small businesses must thrive and flourish because they remain the backbone of every economy. In Nigeria, small businesses account for about 50% of GDP and employ over 60 million Nigerians.

It is for this reason that we offer an online and retail floor selling professional accounting services at affordable prices. Our customer experience is an enduring beauty to behold. Simply put, our clients enjoy exceptional accounting for less. We maintain an exciting pool of intelligent accountants and professionals offering quality accounting services to Nigerian SMEs like yours.

Our burning desire is to see a surge in the growth of small businesses as we use affordable solutions to cater to their accounting & tax needs.

Our Main goal is to help your business…

We have a crack team of ex-bankers, investment advisers, Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (FCA) and Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA) to provide your business with the following benefits:

  1. Access to funding.
  2. Provision of reliable financial reports to enable you take sound decisions.
  3. Remain tax and regulatory-compliant.
  4. Save cost and increase your profit margins.
  5. Gain access to qualified consultants easily without engaging them full-time. You simply “pay as you go”
  6. Hire an excellent cream of professionals for the price of an intern

What drives us

Whether you’re building a welcome mat for your SaaS or a clean, corporate portfolio,
Stack has your design needs covered.

  1. Your preferred business accountant.
  2. An excellent collection of professional business and accounting services.
  3. Affordability & cost savings
  4. Fabulous delivery timelines.
  5. 100% money back guarantee if finished products & services fall short of your expectations.
  6. A unique blend of experienced accountants and professionals.
  7. Full range of business support services from idea generation to business launch to maturity
  8. Ancillary business support services